Watkins Glen International Speedway – Raw Track Notes

Sahlens ChampYard Dog at the Glen, May 24th-25th 2019

Best Lap: 2:14.914


1 – 4th gear – Hit inside apex stage 1 rumble.

2-3 – Draft up hill in 4th gear at 6800-6900 RPM , Shift before bridge.

Inner Loop – Brake at 190ft – Roll on camber and smooth transition on throttle, lift in center and full throttle through exit (You can pass slower cars on the outside of inner loop)  Plan to go far left of rumble on exit just in case. THIS SHOULD BE STUPID FAST! LOTS MORE IF USING RUMBLES

5 – Far left, suck in mid-corner and keep it planted through exit.  5th gear to corner 6

6 – Downshift to 4th and enter right, LOOK AHEAD and accelerate and trust through exit.

7 – Brake late and use the hill to finish braking and downshift to 3rd, on full throttle IMMEDIATELY off brake. (Pass on the inside in and out, harder to pass on outside)

8 – down the 3rd gear, late apex.  (pass on inside, over under works well, lots of run off)

9 – enter ⅔ right and accelerate through late apex – Over under for run into 10

10 – Flat footed – A good run to pass inside or out into 11

11 – light brush on brakes and let the car rotate through turn in – Really wide exit, use front to scrub if needed.